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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Got Game? *Stephanie Doyle*

Publishing Date: December 11, 2011
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Suspense
Series: N/A
List Price: $4.99
Sensuality Rating: R
Stars: 5/5

 Oh, Yeah. Game On!

The world of professional golf is rocked when the new ranking system allows Reilly Carr - the country’s best female player--to compete with the big boys. Now everyone wants to know if she will or won't play in golf's premier event…The American.

But her tough choices are complicated further when Luke Nolan - her on again, off again lover - suddenly decides now is the time to turn their friends-with-benefits set up into a real relationship!

If she's going to make the cut she'll need to battle her game, the press and most of all her heart. The stakes have never been higher.

 My Opinion: 

Got Game? had a delightful start that cinched the deal on whether I was going to finish the book. I knew by the end of the first chapter that I would love the book. It began in a humorous way that catches attention and draws readers in.

Even though the idea of the story has been done a thousand times over (celebrity getting stalked by avid fan), this story is definitely original. I haven't read anything like this, and I've read hundreds of books! This is not your average pretty-lay-being-stalked-by-creepy-fan. By the end of the book, you will be a lot surprised and extremely amazed by the twists the plot takes, even I couldn't guess what would happen until I got to the exact scene. Incredible!

The story starts at a good pace, and stays that way until the last page. I was not disappointed or frustrated at all with the pace in which it moves along. Not too slow, not too fast.

I liked how Luke and Reilly already have a sexual "relationship" in the beginning of the book. I think it makes the story more authentic and different. I really enjoyed reading this novel and found it new and creative. You go Ms. Doyle!

This novel has changed my personal hate for all things golf (sorry golf fans, just being honest). I'm not patient or quiet enough to like golf, but have seen the light! I now understand why so many people find golf enjoyable. Still, I'm never going to be a fan, but I don't HATE it anymore.

Got Game? has dry, witty characters that crack me up! I am always a fan of amusing characters, and this book rocks the boat! "I'm lovin' it!"

I always enjoy a book about real, down to earth people, that actually have made a few mistakes in their fictional life, and this is definitely one of them. The main characters have five divorces between them, and one ruined engagement. So yeah, definitely made some mistakes. Duh. Makes a character relate-able when their not perfect. Nobody is perfect, so how can you relate to them? Good questions, huh.

This book is so engaging! All through the book I was asking, "Who's the stalker?" "Is he somebody Reilly knows?" "Who's the unknown stalker's 'guardian angel'?" When your mind is focused solely on the novel you are currently reading, you know it's a good read!

If you ever get  a chance to read Got Game? then you know it has some delightful irony between Luke and Reilly. Even if you don't figure it out until near the end, it's STILL hilarious! I love irony in a book, and this will truly knock your socks off. It's fantastic.

I'm glad that we get to see how Tessa and Kenny's relationship progress throughout the book. Ms. Doyle includes all her characters in the story, and we get to know them all very well before the book is over. That's what I call "character development."


Any lover of romance, contemporary, perhaps golf. I really loved this novel even with my dislike of golf. I think all women would have a great time reading Got Game?. I'm sure I'll be reading it again sooner or later!

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