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Reviewers that contribute to Sarah's Point of View:


Sarah has been an avid romance fan for years and years.  The first one she ever read was a suspense by Catherine Coulter titled "The Cove." Since then, she has read romance after romance and hasn't gotten tired of them yet. Now, years later, she has the brilliant idea of stating her opinion on them by reviewing! You can contact her at (also listed at review policy tab).


 Chelsea has been reading romance novels for as long as she can remember. Starting with Alane Ferguson's The Christopher Killer series, she fell in love with the two main characters, especially when their relationship became intense. That's when she started a relationship with romance novels! she prefers reading historical romance or historical fiction, but she is open to contemporary and supernatural. She is currently writing her own historical romance about a young girl taken in by her cousin who gained guardianship of her when her father died. The book is about her escaping death and choosing which man to spend her life with. She loves reading, and reviewing is just the icing on the cake! Visit her review blog at and her tumblr at, You can contact her at 


Margherita is from Palermo, Italy (awesome, huh?).  She loves to read everything from children's books to romance novels. She loves to travel and learn about the world. She enjoys learning about languages as well.  She also scrapbooks and has fun spending my time with friends and family!


Jane is a 40-something avid reader and aspiring fiction writer-hot romances of course!
She loves Paranormal Romance, Contemporary, and Erotica, along with a side helping of Historicals and Romantic Suspense. Hot guys are always mandatory! She works full-time in IT and spends her spare time (when not stuck in either a book/Kindle/Notebook/laptop) herding cub-scouts. She shares living space with her husband, young son, and 6 cats (wow!) She is addicted to rock music and the 3 Must-Haves in her larder are chocolate milk, fresh coffee, and red wine. Contact her at despite the fact that she lived in New Zealand. Her blog is 


Linda is a librarian who still loves books.  She has been writing reviews for work for a few years now, but there are limitations. She enjoys spreading the word about a good read.  She writes reviews of books that she enjoyed in the hopes that someone else will enjoy them as much if not more than she did.  Maybe it will open someone’s eyes to an author they never would have read previously.  Reviews have done that for her in the past. 


Louann is a mom to two beautiful girls and one rascally rescue dog. She has a passion for good books, good coffee and good food! She lives in the very beautiful and very green Pacific Northwest, and finds it a wonderfully inspiring place to be. She loves Sci-fi, Fantasy and Historical novels with a dash of Romance thrown in for good measure! You can contact her at


Iris is the lucky queen bee of her very own full house. The lone female is a house full of testosterone, she shares a house with her husband, two adorable, if somewhat exhausting, sons and two monster rescue dogs (also boys if you can believe that!). A Jersey Girl born and raised, Iris discovered romance novels at 15, when she accidentally stumbled into the wrong section at the public library and she's been hooked ever since. An avid reader, she loves grabbing a good book and heading off to the beach. You can contact her at 


Lynelle was born on... just kidding after 40+ summers it is definitively too long and to boring. But she is married to Paul, husband for the last 28 years. She has three kids, but will not embarrass them by stating their ages.
She has one grandchild, adorable and oh so cute.She lives in Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa for those who don't know where that is. She was a house wife for 19 years, where I did all sorts of hobbies ranging from making jam to painting on fabrics, and did home schooling for five years. They started with a business in 2004 which ended abruptly in 2008 under the guise of "It is Business and not Personal" yeah right.
Now they are starting over. Their kids all left the nest and found themselves with lots of time to write. She started in the beginning with 2011 with my first book A Lawyer's Dessert, published on as a free read. The book is currently on hold for revision. She can be found on her website:


Chasity is 21 and a book fanatic. She began her obsession with books at a very young age and loves the fact that books can take you just about anywhere. She reads just about anything that she can get her hands on. She enjoys reviewing because not only does she gets to do what she loves but she also helps the authors that she admires so much! Chasity is also a writer herself and hopes to one day get her novel published, but right now her main focus is doing book reviews!