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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Broken Wings **Alexandra Weis**

Publication Date: February 5, 2012
Genre: Contemporary/Women's Fiction/Chick-Lit
Series: N/A
List Price: $4.99
Sensuality: PG-13
Stars: 5/5

As a wildlife rehabilitator in southeast Louisiana, Pamela Wells has dealt with her fair share of wild animals, but her reclusive life is forever changed when she meets an elusive former soldier named Daniel Phillips. Sent to Pamela’s wildlife sanctuary as part of his parole requirements, Daniel and Pamela quickly clash until Daniel’s troubled past unexpectedly comes to light. After serving in Iraq, Daniel suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Pamela tries to help ease his condition by introducing him to the healing power of animals. Daniel begins to find peace, and an unexpected kindred spirit in Pamela. Fearing one day she will be forced to give up her beloved sanctuary, Pamela confides in Daniel about her debilitating health. United by their misfortunes, the relationship turns romantic. Just when Pamela has found someone to love and share her burdens, Daniel skips town, crushing her heart. Suddenly Pamela finds herself alone and in a desperate situation. She has no choice but to turn to a ruthless Louisiana attorney, Bob Patrick, for help. Bob promises Pamela financial security in exchange for a life as his obedient wife. When Daniel unexpectedly returns, Bob is not willing to give Pamela up. Like an ensnared bird, Pamela struggles to free herself of her cruel capture. The fight may prove deadly, but Daniel is willing to do anything to save her. Can two broken souls eventually find happiness or, like the broken wings of a dove, will they be forever kept from reaching the heights of heaven.

My Opinion:

My first thought of this novel is, "new and original." in all my years of being a die-hard romance reader, I have never read a book such as this. Broken Wings is a delicious romance filled with cuddly creatures and heartbreak. I so enjoyed this adventure!

Pamela's relationship with the animals is phenomenal! It's hilarious reading about Rodney the Raccoon hugging "Pammy's" leg like a little child. I think now I'd rather have a raccoon. I would say, " too bad their wild," but I think that's what makes this book so incredible, that they ARE wild, but that they love Pammy like a mother. It's fascinating!

One of the things that really drew me to this book is that Pamela has lupus. Why does that interest me?  I can relate to having a chronic illness such as lupus. I have an auto-immune disease very similar to lupus called Multiple Sclerosis or MS.  I'm always looking for a character that I can really relate to. I can definitely relate to Pamela's struggle with lupus.

I found Dan and Pamela's courtship amusing. The way Pamela tries to push him away, the way it only brings him closer. This could almost be romantic comedy...Well, not really. BUT, it's still funny!

Ah, what can I say about Carol. She is my favorite HUMAN character. She's hot, she's witty, she swears colorfully. Everything I love in a woman.

But you know my favorite thing about Ms. Weis? She engages your intellect. Trust me, you will need your brain to understand the tricky ending. It's in no way a bad thing; if Broken Wings was a brainless read, then I would be bored from the first sentence. I wouldn't change anything in this book!


If you own a brain, love romance and a tad bit of drama, this is the book for you!


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