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Review/Giveaway FAQ

  •  What Genre's are accepted for review? 
Paranormal, Mystery, Suspense, Contemporary, Erotica, GLBT, ect. Pretty much and sub-genre of romance can be submitted. That does NOT mean it will be accepted, or that it will garner a positive review.
  •  What Formats are accepted?
 Kindle, PDF, or paperback is accepted. ARCs are okay, as are printed galleys if need be.
  •  What is the rating scale that you use?
 5- Rare
4.5- I loved it!
4- Good solid read
3.5- Enjoyable
3- OK, needs some changes
2.5- It didn't click/ DNF
  • What is the anticipated turnaround time for reviews to be posted?
Honestly, it depend on how many books are scheduled before you. If you need a specific time, make it known, and we can figure it out.
  • How long will the review stay up?
 Reviews never get taken down. The old ones are archived and can be found at the bottom of my blog. Also, if you click "Older Posts" it's sure to come up eventually.
  • Can I send you my book via mail?
Of course. When you submit your request, post your email address and I shall email you my addie.
  • Is there anything I as author/publisher should remember?
Patience is a virtue. There are sure to be requests ahead of you, so I won't get to your until the people before you. If it's a uber-long wait, I will tell you that ahead of time.
  • How do I submit a review request?
Review requests may be submitted at the "Review Submissions" tab or by email. The email addie to contact Sarah is located at the "Review Policy" tab.
  • Do you sponsor Giveaways?
Sure, giveaway requests can be left in the Giveaway Submissions tab or emailed to Sarah. Email is found at "Review Policy" tab.

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