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About Me

Sarah Intidam is a romance-novel obsessed teenager that enjoys getting books for free. She has an opinion and thinks others should know it, so she decided, hey, why not make a review blog? Ta-da! And here we are...

Sarah was diagnosed with MS last June and has since then taken a break from school so she can concentrate on getting better. She spends her days at home enjoying the peace and quiet you can only have when your noisy brothers are off at school and your parents are working.

Sarah loves to hole up in her room and read a good book, maybe write a bit, or play solitaire. In other words, she's a loner, a nerd, and she's proud of it! She sometimes babysits, yearns to visit a real museum, and is hoping to go to a MS camp in Canada in August. 

Sarah is a great reader and reviewer, but she is lacking in a bunch of computer skills, and is constantly learning new things. She usually posts new reviews at least once a day, but due to her gigantic list of health problems, she may skip a day or two. Usually she will tell you when she does.

Sarah would LOVE to review your novel for you. Check out the Review Policy. She loves be propositioned and wants to hear from you!

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