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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Better *Jaime Simms*

Publishing Date: January 23, 2012
Genre: Gay&Lesbian, Contemporary Romance
Series: N/A
ISBN: 978-1-6137-2342-5    -
List Price: $14.99
Sensuality Rating: NC-17

Jesse Turbul's ex-Dom is finally locked up. He leaves his old home to put his past nightmares to rest. Unfortunately, it's just not that easy. Thankfully, Sarah, his best friend, and his new job is keeping him sane. At the new library where he works he meets Aadon. He's handsome, attractive, and they instantly set off sparks.
          But Aadon has his own problems. His older brother, Ricky, is damaged by his own past and Aadon is in charge of taking care of him. Is Aadon's attraction to Jesse because he is a natural nurturer or because he has feelings for him? Will Jesse admit to his problems and seek help before the the tension ruins the relationship, and will Aadon stop treating him with kid glovves before Jesse loses his mind? Time  will
          One of the most important themes in Better "love conquers all."  Nobody is born without problems, and we each have to face them head on. Ricky and Jesse have been hurt harshly by people. Nobody ever deserves the pain they each have to go through, but life isn't fair. Aadon helps them in different ways.
          Jaime Simms conveys her point extremely well. She excellently wrote a romance that is deeper than your normal R and R read. Better is full of meaning that helps readers understand that the love of others goes a long way toward helping a person's heartbreak and agony.
          I thought this novel was a delightful tearjerker. I was drawn to all the emotion: sadness, joy, desire, envy. I specifically loved  the way all of her characters were well-known by the end of the book, not just the main characters. All the mystery and secrets were unfolded in a successful way, so that their was no confusion or disappointment at the end.
          Even though I enjoyed Better, I would not recommend it to everyone. Since it is not a straight romance, I know that a lot of romance lovers have some difficulty picking up a Gay and Lesbian and that's fine. Stick with what you are comfortable with. We all have different likes. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes well written love story that has complexity in the plot, as well. This book is in know way a light read.  

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