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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Considering Kate-Nora Roberts

          As a novel in the Stanislaskis series, Considering Kate was a very exciting addition and was definitely not a disappointment. Semi-retired ballerina Kate Stanislaki decided it was finally time to retire after traveling all over the world; she returns home and buys the old house she always dreamed of in the hopes of turning it into a ballet studio. Soon after returning, she meets single father Brody O'Connell and falls madly into lust.
          Put off by Kate's aggressive flirting, Brody strives to ignore the fizzling attraction between them. Obviously (since this is a romance novel) he fails to do so, and they end up having sex, leaving Kate wondering where they stand with on another. Brody continues to make it known he considers their relationship a small thing,  but Kate is determined to when him over. She didn't become a professional ballerina by giving up. Will she convince Brody that they are meant for each other? Check out the book and see for yourself!
          Nora Roberts has never written a bad book, so I always encourage a reader to pick up either a new Roberts book, or any of the old ones. Considering Kate is a semi-new book, but is a must read to all Roberts fans, or just anyone that loves a good, contemporary romances to fall in love with (a little romance humor, har har).
          With over 200 written novels, Nora continues to wow romance lovers across the world. She was even the first to be inducted into Romance Writers Of America Hall of Fame, so believe me when I tell you that she will not disappoint you. Its a known fact that Janet Dailey (the It romance writer before Nora Roberts) plagiarized Robert's work Sweet Revenge and more unknown works back in 1997. If a  great writer like Janet Dailey had to resort to stealing in order to compete with Nora Robert, you should be able to realize how great an artist she is with a romance.

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