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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Monster of Silver Creek *Belinda G. Buchanan*

          In small town Silver Creek, a monster in the form of  man is murdering young women and leaving mysterious calling cards for Police Chief Nathan Sommers to figure out. Nathan is under a tremendous amount of stress. Office politics and the horrific killings are driving him out of his mind, and having the mayor breathing down his neck doesn't help.The guilt of his late wife's death is eating him up on the inside, and his attraction to Kate just makes it worse. As the guilt is distracting him, the killer is getting closer and closer to his loved ones. Will he catch the killer in time to save the women of Silver Creek?
         When I read The Monster of Silver Creek, I just could not put it down! So many feelings raced through me; sadness, laughter, anxiousness. Ms. Buchanan keeps you on your toes until the last sentence. The book has so many twists thrown in, every time I think one thing is going to happen, it completely opposite. I have been reading for a long time; a lot of the time I can predict the ending of a book (which I hate) but, with this book, I didn't figure out the killer until the very end.
          Belinda G. Buchanan includes other characters into her books, not just the two main characters and tells a detailed story so that the plot unravels with little confusion. I guarantee at the end of the book, you'll know the characters as well as you best friend. Anyone who loves a good mystery with plenty of action, emotion, and romance, will definitely love this book. This book would appeal to multi-genre lovers. There's plenty of gore and death to keep a manly man interested, enough romance to keep a womance fanatic (like me), and enough danger to keep adventurers preoccupied . You can find this book at goodreads and amazon, so check it out. I recommend this book to any romance, mystery, contemporary, or horror lover; it has it all!

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