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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Choice--Lorhainne Eckhart

Publishing Date: February 5, 2012
Genre: Suspense/Paranormal (just a dash) Romance
Series: Walk the Right Road
List Price: $8.99
Sensuality Rating: PG
Star Rating: 3.5

Before her granny died, Marcie Hollis had been spiritually attuned to Mother Earth and the spirits around her, honing her gift. Then she meets Dan McKenzie, a man she believes to be the knight in shining armor she’s been searching for all her life. However, Dan is not who he appears to be. He lures Marcie into his dark world of lies, greed and drugs. But fate intervenes during Marcie's illicit trip for Dan to New Orleans, when she's robbed and accosted in the crowded airport. When she gets knocked down, her head slams on the concrete floor, and she loses her memory, all right in the path of DEA Agent Sam Carre.

Arriving in a crowded airport in New Orleans with his reputation and loyalty in question after being set up as the leak in a six month DEA investigation, Sam has come home. Even though Sam is tired, disillusioned and haunted by a past that gives him no peace, he stops to help an attractive stranger when she falls in front of him. In an act of chivalry, he takes her to his home until the police can identify her. When questions arise about Marcie and what she’s involved in, the answers lead back to Sam’s investigation in the Pacific Northwest.

When her illusive memory returns, this complex case pushes them both to explain the unexplainable, brings them face to face with a generations-old evil now incarnate again and leaves Sam with a haunting question. Was Marcie set up or is this a game she’s playing? Sam is forced to make a choice: walk away from the attraction connecting them or risk losing everything.
My Opinion:

          When I fist started reading The Choice I thought I wouldn't like it very much, mainly because it's starts off a tad slow for my tastes. After I was about 20 pages in I started to change my mind. Why did I change my mind? Here's why:
  1. The Plot is fascinating. The plot is very original, and I wanted to keep on reading to find out more. I decided about 50 pages in, "Yeah, okay, I'm feelin' this."
  2. The Choice is well written. Lorhainne pieced together a very well done book, simply because I could see clearly what she was describing with her use of imagery and figurative language.
  3. I loved the way autism was explained. In the book, a couple has a little daughter named Lucy with autism. The precious way she explained that Lucy was between to worlds, the spirit world and Earth touched me. Of course, it's not real, but still. Awwww.
  4. I loved the spiritual/paranormal aspects woven into the story. Usually, this would never happen, because it's mainly a suspense. I'm glad she wasn't scared to mix it up a bit. That's what gives us new sub-genres, when an author isn't too afraid to add her own touch. I really enjoy that. 
The aspects of the novel I didn't joy were:
  1. Started out too slow. To pull a reader in, I feel like a story needs to start out in a way that will catch a reader's attention. Usually, if I don't like it from the get-go, I'll put it down.
  2. The Choice was a bit awkward in parts. I just felt like like in some parts, the story could have gone smoother, but that's just me.
  3. I have to admit, the lulls throughout the story were a bit boring. There were a few times that I felt could have been played out in a more lively. 
  4. The ending was sort of disappointing. I wanted the bad guys to go to jail! Sigh. Maybe in the next book.
          Lovers of suspense, adventure, and of course romance would surely enjoy The Choice. Maybe even a paranormal fan would be interested in having a go at it.

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