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Friday, March 2, 2012

Hearts At Risk--Gloria Antypowich

Publishing Date: 2011
Genre: Contemporary/Western Romance
Series: N/A
List Price: $15.99
Sensuality Rating: PG
Star Rating: 4.5/5

Veterinarian, Frankie Lamonte, has left her stress filled life in Alberta to become a ranch hand in the Cypress Hills in southern Saskatchewan, Canada.  There she finds the solitude she seeks.  But that peace is shattered when Colt Thompson enters the picture.  Misunderstandings and mistrust make them clash constantly, but the chemistry between them is sizzling and undeniable. However, Frankie is not interested in romance; her long time love, Martin Cole, has recently taught her a painful truth about trust and love and romantic dreams. Colt has his own scars. For eight long years he has harbored his pain and anger, vowing he will never be vulnerable to love again. He goes to unexpected lengths to assure that Frankie will never be a part of his life. Will either one of them find happiness? 

 My Opinion:
          I was enthralled with this novel and not only because of the hunky cowboys (although, that's part of it). Hearts at Risk was a delightful book that I really enjoyed.

The Good:
  • The novel started at a fast pace. The author did not begin the novel droning on and on about where the characters live, their name, blah blah. And when she did, she did it smoothly to where it fit into the story and I wasn't bored.
  • Frannie talks to her self a lot. I think it's adorable how Fran is always talking to herself out loud all the time. Gives her quirky personality. I like it.
  • Readers are able to relate to the characters. Gloria made the characters in Hearts at Risk personable, which means we readers are able to easily identify with the characters. And not just the main ones.
The Bad:
  • Gloria stated the lesson or message of the book in prologue. Why? It gives away some of the excitement. It's not giving away the story, but you kinda guess what the journey is going to be like, and I feel like that is giving away too much. Wait until at least the middle, if not the ending chapters. Make your reader work for it.
  • I feel a sort of juvenile vibe pertaining to certain parts of the novel. It made me feel as if I'm reading a YA. 
I really adored reading Hearts at Risk. It was a lovely read that I think others will enjoy tremendously.
          Hearts at Risk is for those who love a average-sized novel to sink into on a cloudy, rainy, or sunny morning. If you're into a good western romance, this is the book for you!

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