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Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Unsettled Range--Andrew Grey

 Publishing Date: January 9, 2012
Genre: Gay&Lesbian/Contemporary/Western Romance
Series: Stories from the Range #3
List Price: $14.99
Sensuality Rating: R
Star Ratings: 5/5

The last thing Liam Southard expects when he flees his abusive father is to be taken in by a couple of gay ranchers. Soon he has a new job and a new perspective on his sexuality, and his life starts to turn around. Then someone pulls a gun on him.

In Troy Gardener’s defense, the gun thing was a mistake. Between his marriage falling apart and living in his uncle's isolated hunting cabin, he's been a little edgy. He wants to make it up to Liam, and once he discovers how much they have in common, he wants even more. But with Liam's father popping in unexpectedly and a mining company threatening the ranch’s water supply, the only guarantee is that life is never going to be boring.

My Opinion:

          I have recently come to the conclusion that some of my most favorite books are Gay/Lesbian. I never really thought much about them until I read Better and Dead Kitties Don't Purr. Now, I think my MOST favorite Gay/Lesbian has to be An Unsettled Range. This book is about two men coming to grips with their sexuality and falling in love.

The Good:
  • Very eye-catching. The first thing that drew me to this novel is the Western aspect. I just can't resist a sexy cowboy. But now I have to say, Andrew Grey is an amazing writer, with or without the hot cowboys.
  • The protagonists aren't perfect. I love how Troy has made some mistakes in his life, but he still gets a happily-ever-after. That tells readers that even not-so-perfect people can be happy too, because let's face it;how many perfect people do you know?
  • Plot is very realistic: Man realizes he is gay, after all those years of resenting his brother for the flak of having a gay brother. I like to read books that are realistic, except if, ya know, they are paranormal.
  • Character's are so real, I feel for them. I can feel empathy for the hardships they have had to endure. They are personable, which means a reader can relate to them.
  • Andrew writes colorful descriptions. I can see into the world through their eyes.
  • Troy and Liam have hurt inside, that their love for each other can heal.
  • I appreciate how neither man is very he-mannish (except maybe in bed). They both have feeling and vulnerability that is attractive to me. Sometimes it's great to have a sweet, sinsitive man, over a macho, alpha.
  • Andrew wrote tasteful, non-vulgar love scenes. A lot of times, I have read GLBT or erotica that is so crude, I have no interest in continuing the book. Instead, An Unsettled Range, has an actual plot and story line that I enjoy.
  • By the third chapter, I was completely wowed, and knew I was in love with the protagonist (even if they don't bat for my team), I knew I am going to read the other books in the series.
By this time, I'm usually writing about what I thought wasn't attractive to readers, but I can't find anything to complain about. I loved this book, and feel that there isn't anything to put in "the bad" category.


          If you love a sweet romance, filled with delicious (even if they may not be "conventional" love scenes, you might want to check this one out. Lovers of GLBT would definitely enjoy An Unsettled Range as well as Western fanatics (like me).

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