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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Bastard *Brenda Novak*

Publishing Date: October 23, 2011
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: none
ISBN: n/a
List Price: $3.99
Sensuality Rating: R
Throughout the French Revolution, French aristocrats stole away in England to save themselves from being captured and killed by the guillotine. That is how Jeannete Boucher wound up marrying an old Baron for her family. The once French aristocrats now live penniless and hated for being "French frogs." Thinking to save her beloved family from hunger, Jeannete agrees to marry the rich English baro, unknowing of the evil plans he has in store for her. Hours after tying the knot, she is told by her loyal brother that her husband is impotent, and he has unseemly ways of begetting her a child; she then runs away.
          She meets handsome Lieutenant Treynor aboard The Tempest and knows an attraction so deep, the Lieutenant tries to write it off as simple lust (due to his hatred for all things aristocratic), but Jeannete knows better. Will their desire dwindle? Is it just lust? Can Lieutenant Treynor get over his bitter feelings and admit his feelings?
          I love love love Brenda Novak, and when I learned I had the chance to review for her on NetGalley, I was ecstatic! I knew The Bastard would be a fantastic read, and I wasn't wrong. Somethings to know when starting a Brenda Novak:
  • Her stories draw you into the plot (I know, I say this a lot, buts true for a bunch of authors. If you truly can see yourself in a story your reading, your better off reading something else, or it will turn you of reading in general. If you can picture yourself as the heroine, then the author is doing a great job at detail and grabbing your attention)
  • Its not all about sex. (Her books are focused on the characters and plot, not on how fast the couple can rip of their clothes ((although there is quite a bit of that, too))A lot of romance novels these days focus mainly on sex, not on plot or the happily-ever-after like their supposed too. I'm not talking about only erotica, and I'm not saying ALL erotica is like that, but quite a few are, and it gets really boring after awhile. Romance novels have become cliche.
          The Bastard is so descriptive you can see the water Jeannete and The Tempest are sailing on, you can feel the salty ocean spray. When I read Jeannete and Treynor's story, I felt all the emotion the two characters were feeling. When Jeannete cried, I cried; when she got mad, I did as well. The story was written to tug at heartstrings. If you can feel all the emotion portrayed, your reading the right novel.
          The plot line has so many twists and turns that you WILL be surprised. I know I've said before that's it's quite easy for me predict the outcome of a romance whether it's who the killer is, whom will hook up with whom, but not this one. I stayed completely astonished to the very end.
           This book is recommended to historical fiction buffs, and those who are not. Any romance lover, or French Revolution (like me!) fanatic, and/or adventure seeker would do well to pick up this book and dig in to the story of a runaway bride and a bitter bastard.


  1. Your blog is definitely THE PLACE to go for romance reviews!

  2. Thank you! That just made my day! You can follow the blog if you would like to! I usually post daily, but I have a few health problems that sometimes have to be taken care of first. But, usually, they don't stand in the way, and I will tell anyone when I'm in the hospital unable to post.


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