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Monday, February 20, 2012

Dark Frost *Jennifer Estep*

Publication Date: May 29,2012

Genre: Paranormal YA

Series: Mythos Academy

ISBN: 978-0-758-26696-5  

List Price: $9.95

Sensuality Rating: G

Gwen Frost feels more like a screw up than a Champion for the Goddess Nike. She's no good at fighting (which is not good for a student at Mythos Academy), she hasn't been able to find the Helheim Dagger her mom kept hidden when she died, and she has this weird feeling something really bad is going to happen.         
          On top of that, Gwen is a gypsy that can find objects by touching them and still has no idea where the dagger could be hidden. Her boyfriend, Logan is a Spartan who is (obviously) a fantastic fighter. Unfortunately, he's keeping  a secret, and it's tearing up their relationship. Meanwhile, her Valkyrie friend is having a problem with her powers and taking the frustration out on Gwen and the Reapers of Chaos are on her tail. Will she find the Dagger in time? Or will she unleash untold horrors onto the human world?
          Jennifer Estep created an intriguing world where all the Grecian gods are real and fighting to keep the Norse god Loki from escaping his prison in a different realm. The story kept me captivated until the end. 
          Dark Frost is well suited for the teen who loves either paranormal adventure, paranormal romance, or both. This means that a boy or girl could read this series and be interested. The novel is accurate enough for a fiction work. What I'm saying is, even though the book is a work of a great authors imagination, it has some surprising accurate facts thrown in. 
          The reader is drawn right in without confusion, because Jennifer wrote the book so that everyone, especially teens can understand what's going on. The writing isn't stilted at all.        
          I was a little wary of starting Dark Frost just because a lot of Young Adult novels are too dramatic for my taste, but this book really surprised me. I was drawn right in to the plot, even though I haven't read the first two books in the novel. 
          In my opinion, Dark Frost is a great read for any teen or adult (mainly teen, but some adults go for YA books) looking for an exciting adventure. Look for it in May, when it comes out at the end of the month.


  1. I just got this one! Estep has a great way with words. Thanks for your wonderful review!

  2. Its so nice to find someone who reviews books by a Author I read which is Nora Roberts as I do not usually find these types of reviews. I also read Danielle Steel, Jackie Collins and Debbie Macomber.

    1. I know! I sont understand why nobody reviews her books when shes like most popular romane writer. I like those authors too and susan elizabeth phillipps


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