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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Danger that is Damion *Lisa Renee Jones*

Publishing Date: May 1, 2012
Genre: Sci-Fi
Series: The Zodius Series
List Price: $6.99
Sensuality Rating: R

The diabolical General Powell created Kayla Martin, a beautiful super-soldier, to help him destroy his valiant enemies. But when Kayla is pitted against the renegade Damion Browne, she discovers that not only is her life in danger, but her heart as well. Enemies soon swarm around Kayla and she must trust the dangerous Damion to embrace her as his ally. As they struggle to defeat a madman, their trust in each other becomes the only chance they have to find peace...and love.
My Opinion:
          This novel is a great read! Who wouldn't read a novel about super sexy super-men fighting to the save the world from evil men trying to create a super race (hmm..sounds a bit like Hitler)? Danger that is Damion is filled with yummy hotties fighting to protect the world (and their Lifebonds) from a man who cares only about creating a super army of GTECHs that he has full control of.
          I loved how Lisa made Lara aka Sapphire this sexy, confident bombshell that has a really sensitive side that we can  all relate to. Plus, she gave her the guy we all dream of. Damion is dark, dangerous, and very very male. Who wouldn't want to be Lara?
          Danger that is Damion is packed full of awesome action, steaming love scenes that will leave you breathless, and an amazing view in to the bad guys world. I think it's great that Lisa Renee Jones made it where we could the Renegade's enemies plan all their strategies and the reasons behind what they do.
          On the other hand, I'd be telling a lie if I told you it doesn't bother me a bit when she keeps switching back and forth from character to character. I lost my concentration a few time, but over all, it's an awesome book.
          The complexity of the novel is a draw for me. I love how descriptive the author gets so that her audience can picture exactly what is happening, like we are there. Which, of course, is what we all want to feel. The intensity of the plot kept me anticipating what happens next the whole time.

I recommend any and all lovers of Si-Fi or paranormal romance. Even if you don't do romance, this is a great novel for all otherworldly fans. I know a ton of men would love this book, and they'd also get a few awesome love scenes as a bonus!

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