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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gentlemen Prefer Nerds *Joan Kilby*

Publishing Date: March 12, 2012
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Suspense/Chick-Lit
Series: N/A
List Price: $5.99
Sensuality Rating: PG-13

Self-professed nerd Maddie Maloney is an expert on jewels. Jewel thieves are another matter entirely! So when a mysterious Englishman warns her that a thief known as The Chameleon is after the rare pink diamond on display in her aunt's shop, she tells herself it's just a joke. Even if she can't get Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome out of her mind...
But Fabian Montgomery doesn't give up easily. He's everywhere she goes, convinced the thief will strike. And when the diamond does go missing—and Maddie is suspected of stealing it—he whisks her away from the police and together they pursue The Chameleon.
Fabian plunges her into a glamorous world far from her humble workshop and transforms geeky Maddie into a sophisticated siren capable of espionage. Her mission: to seduce The Chameleon and steal back the diamond.
But Fabian isn't telling her everything—like who he works for, and why he's so interested in The Chameleon...
My Opinion:
          We all love a romance that begins with the geeky girl meets a handsome, fashionable man that pulls her in to his web of awesomeness and turns her in to Miss Sexy and helps her gain confidence and they fall in love and happily-ever-after. Well, Gentlemen Prefer Nerds is Maddie's similar fairy tale with a fun twist.
          I LOVED this novel for it's corny, hilarious but addicting plot that kept me vividly flipping (electronic) pages. I was so obsessed with finding out what Fabian's secret is and who the heck C was that I forgot everything around me in the real world. I didn't notice noises or pain (I was sick when reading this), it kept me entertained up in until the last word.
          Joan has an astounding way with words that makes it so easy to imagine myself right there with Maddie and Fabien on their hunt for the missing pink diamond. I loved the plot twist at the end (you know I always like a surprise) that had me very very impressed. I think the best part of Gentlemen Prefer Nerds is that even though the plot isn't very realistic, Kilby took an almost over used idea and created it into something new and exciting that anybody could would love to read.

          I'd recommend Gentlemen Prefer Nerds to those of us romance lovers who love a gooey love story along with a great laugh and a fun mystery. Now, it's not out yet, but it can be per-ordered on Amazon. 


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