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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tempted-Lori Foster

          Lori Foster is a master at writing a good, contemporary romance based on situations that could happen to any real person. Not to say that her books are boring or unoriginal. Lori writes a fascinating love story that sinks its claw into you and won't let go until you've read the entire book.
          Tempted is a three-in-one novel. It centers around the Sawyer family starting from Daniel Sawyer; the oldest, then moves on Annie; the youngest, and ends with Max.
          The first story, "Little Miss Innocent?," is about sex therapist and best friend to Annie, Lace McGee and the doctor and head of the Sawyer children, Daniel. Daniel always disapproved of Lace and Annie's  friendship; he thought that Lace was too outrageous, outspoken and her behavior was rubbing off on Annie. Until one night when Daniel was leaving the ER, Lace straggles in with a serious dog bite, everything starts to change. While Daniel helps her throughout the healing process, they become closer and attraction builds. Can they get over their differences?
          In Annie's story, "Annie, Get Your Guy," she is so over Guy Donovan ignoring the attraction between them. She asks Lace to help her seduce him, and when he gets in a car accident, she realizes that taking him to the Sawyer cabin to heal is the perfect way to get him alone.
          "Messing Around with Max" is the story of how Max helps Maddie Montgomery become more experienced after her ex-fiance cheats on her in a rather risque way. As there affair goes on Max realizes he is head over heals with Maddie, now he just has to find a way to rid her of her fear of love and relationships.
           Lori Foster tempts you with romance, and steamy love scenes in Tempted as she spins a tail that promises readers a fun and uplifting novel sure to make you wish you had a Sawyer of your own!

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