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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Come the Darkness--Crystal Lea

Publishing Date: November 9, 2011
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Erotic Romance
Series: Hunters Rising
List Price: $2.99
Sensuality Rating: R
Star Rating: 4.5/5

An instant attraction...

There’s a serial killer loose on the streets of Savannah and Detective Alec Gray has just been handed what could be the biggest, and most dangerous, case of his life. When all the clues point toward a connection between the slayings and a local nightclub, Alec is convinced that the answers to all his questions can be found at the popular hotspot. What he doesn’t know is that his entire world is about to be turned upside down.

Deehanna Morrigan is a woman unlike any Alec has met before. His instant attraction to the mysterious and beautiful ‘Dee’ takes him completely by surprise. He finds himself getting lost in her emerald eyes and struggling to curb the sudden desire that flares between them.

Dee isn’t quite sure what to make of Alec. The handsome detective seems hell bent on tying her to the recent string of murders that have been happening in Savannah. Alec’s suspicions and accusations, however, still don’t seem to be enough to quell the sudden desire Dee feels for the very stubborn mortal.

A killer’s scheme…

When a body is found behind Dee’s club, she and Alec are forced to work together in order to track down and stop the madman that has been butchering the women of Savannah. Alec soon realizes that there is far more to Deehanna Morrigan than meets the eye. But is it possible that he has more to fear from HER than he does from the unknown killer he’s after? And can Dee control the dark urges that tell her Alec may be just the thing she needs to end a centuries old hunger? All that the two of them know for sure is that blood is being spilled in Savannah and it is up to them to put an end to it.

Can they learn to trust each other in time to stop a killer?
Or will they be too late to stop the horrors that await them...COME THE DARKNESS?

My Opinion:

          I loved Come the Darkness from the first sentence. From my point of view, this book should definitely be best seller; I'm surprised it isn't already! I know I'll be reading this one more than once. The story is humorous, action-packed, and has a serial killer! What's not to love?

The Good:
  • The Prologue was riveting. From the very beginning, Come the Darkness took my breath away.
  • The story line is addicting, and pulls a reader in. When I was reading, I couldn't wait to see what comes next.
  • The characters are well developed, to a point where they seem real. I felt as if I where involved in the story as well. When a character was sad, as was I. Mad, scared, ectetra, I felt exactly the same.
  • I love the suspense aspect of the book. Even if the novel is categorized as "paranormal" the book had some suspense woven in (such as the police trying to track down the serial killer). I love a good serial killer, and this one did not disappoint!
  • I enjoyed reading the killer's side of the story. I appreciate reading how a writer finds a killer's mind. Very fascinating! 
  • Come the Darkness is definitely NOT your average vampire love story! Its original and creative; The author is ingenious!
  • I was extremely entertained; I loved all the sexy characters in the novel, especially I loved how they interacted with each other.
  • I got chills when Dee explained to Alec how chaos would reign if human ever found out about all the mythical creatures being true. It was amazingly detailed! Crystal has a wonderful way with words!
  • I greatly adored reading the new paranormal creatures she described. They are new and unique.
  • I love how the story is based in Savannah, that city is so enchanting!
The Bad:
  • The only thing I didn't like was how Dee didn't mention her past at all outside the Prologue. 
This book was awesome! I had a blast reading it.


I would recommend this book to all paranormal lovers or anyone that loves vampires, werewolves, or the Fae. Also, anyone interested in serial killers might enjoy Come the Darkness.


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