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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hidden Threat--Sherri Hayes

Publishing Date: December 30, 2010
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Contemporary Romance
Series: N/A
List Price: $9.99
Sensuality Rating: PG-13
Star Rating: 5/5


Cali Stanton has one goal in life, being a doctor. She does not intend to run the family business. But when her father gets injured and tells her that she’s the only one he trusts, Cali finds herself behind his desk at Stanton Enterprises.

Matthew Andersen and his brother Jason have spent the last two years managing security at Stanton Enterprises. But when someone threatens the company and its CEO, challenging Matthew’s abilities, what seems like an easy task, becomes a big problem.

Cali and Matthew must fight their growing attraction for each other to avoid a potentially damaging office romance. As the threats continue, they must work together to keep the company running and discover who is behind the threats.

But when things escalate to violence and Cali becomes the latest target, things get personal. Can Matthew find the Hidden Threat before it’s too late?

My Opinion:

          Hidden Threat is one of the best romantic suspense's I have read all year! It was enthralling and I was instantly drawn into the story. I could not put this book down! Everything about it was fun. The characters, the plot line; I could find no wrong.
          Ms. Hayes writes a beautifully descriptive story that a reader can get involved in. I could see the story unfold in my mind as if I were apart of the novel.
          The story was a good length and kept me on the edge of my seat (figuratively) all the way through. This book was very satisfying to finish. No ending disappointments, the beginning was as awesome as the end.
           All the sexual frustration between Cali and Matthew was hilarious. I thought it was funny how they tried to ignore each other at every turn, but the tension and all the yummy dreams made it increasingly difficult to stay away from one another. I was very sympathetic and happy when they finally did the deed. Did I mention that the loves scenes were incredible? No? Well, they were. They were well done and not a bit crass or crude, which honestly turns me off a romance novel.
          Matthew is a hottie head of security, which I adore. My description of him: "You know that macho, manly man were always attracted to? Ripped, fiercely protective, that guy you want to go up to and squeeze his guns? THAT is Matthew Anderson."
          Another aspect of the novel I found entertaining was Lisa and Jasons' matchmaking. It was charming to watch the knowing smiles and the hidden condoms were my favorite.
          The foreshadowing that hints at who may be the criminals was great. I though I had it figured out in the middle of the novel, but I was nowhere near warm. Heck, I was in Antarctica, I was so far away from the truth. I just love how surprising the ending is. Sherri Hayes is truly genius. I've said this a few times about authors, but I only say it when it's true. Read one of her novels and find out.

           You know what, I think all romance fanatics would enjoy reading Hidden Threats. It's an enjoyable read that would make a good way to relax after work or on the weekends. Or like me, when I stayed up all night reading it (that could have been my insomnia, but still, very addicting, I couldn't put it down).

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