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Monday, March 19, 2012

Outlaws of Love **Em Petrova**

Publication Date: February 7, 2012
Genre: Western/Historical/Erotica/Menage
Series: The Hollis Boys
List price: $7.99
Sensuality Rating: NC-17
Stars: 5/5


Upon traveling west to marry, Annabelle Stephens longed to leave her nickname of "Sweetheart Annie" and the strict rules of Boston society behind. The taboo freedom she faces isn’t exactly what she had in mind. A sexy outlaw storms into her rented room and kidnaps her, and then she’s embroiled in a dangerous game with not one man, but two.

Until now Xander Hollis wanted one thing--or maybe two--to stop the Southern Gorge Railroad from stealing the homesteaders’ land, and to act on his desires with his partner in crime James. Like Robin Hoods of the old west, he and James embark on a mission to rob from the rich and give to the poor. When he refuses to let go of the woman who could identify him, he finds he’s in true danger. Danger of losing his heart to the heiress of the very railroad corporation he struggles to bring down.

My Opinion:
 Annabelle is an adorable young lady escaping from the confining rules of city society. She leaves to go out west and marry her fiance, but gets kidnapped (!!) in the room she was staying in, and is taken right out of the bath tub! If that isn't bad enough, the sexy outlaw seems to have some sinful intentions. She just might not make it back in one piece.

Where to start? I so loved this book! It was funny, sexy, sad in some parts...and parts I definitely wanted to jump for joy! Ms. Petrova did an excellent job on character, story development. I did not find anything wrong with this novel, and that is unusual for me. I can be a brat sometimes. Ms. Petrova writes in a way that is uniquely her own, and frankly, I can't wait to dig in to her next book!

The author's way of description is awesome! I could see everything she wrote about. She engages the senses in a way you can't image! See for yourself if you don't believe me.

I love how hilarious Annabelle is when she's angry. It's s funny to watch her fight her desire for Xander. I was thoroughly entertained and was on edge until she finally gave in to her "wild side."

Let's talk out sex! The love scenes were to die for! Xander, James, Annabell...they were so hot, it's shocking my kindle didn't catch on fire (what a lucky lady, to have two hunky men to love)! Again, the description provided lots (and I mean LOTS) of yummy details, but not only that. The figurative language and play on words made the novel a delightful read. Her writing style is creative and eye-catching. I can honestly say I am now a fan
! I also loved that the erotica had a story behind it, not just sex. It's very important to have if you want to write a successful erotica.

This story is not conservative in the least (duh, erotica...), but that's the best part! It's fun, sexy, I just adore it! I will definitely be rereading it!


Any erotica lover that is into menage a trois and cowboys would love this hunk-filled story!


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