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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twyla Shift: Blood and Magic **S.M**

Publication Date: January 4, 2012
Genre: YA Paranormal/ YA Romance
List Price:
Sensuality Rating: PG-13
Stars: 4.5/5
Nineteen year old Anne has spent her entire life coping with the fallout from her clairvoyant dreams. After narrowly escaping a fire in her chemistry lab which claims the lives of two of her classmates she is kidnapped by a man she has a unusual reaction to, shifted into a strange shadow world from which she can’t escape, held hostage by witches and vampires, and forced to choose between her own life and her sister’s.
With everything she thought she knew about her life a lie, and unable to rely on anyone but herself, she struggles to accept the new reality that she is thrust into, having to use her dreams to guide her. But with her life turned upside down and the stakes massively raised, it’s up to Anne to save both herself and the man she loves from certain death, and when the cards are dealt, can her dreams really help her?

My Opinion:

 Anne is a nineteen year old loner. Having no friends or social life to speak of, she spends all her time studying and pretty much watching life pass her by. But Anne has a secret. A special gift that she has told no one about... Anne is clairvoyant. Anne's prophetic dreams save her life on one fateful Wednesday when her classroom catches fire with a classroom full of students inside. However that is not the end of Anne's troubles. Narrowly missing dying in the classroom fire, Anne is kidnapped and taken to Twyla, another dimension that runs parallel to ours by a young man she feels an instant connection with. All is not well is the land of Twyla though when Anne finds out that this man she saw herself already having a future with is actually her previously unknown sister's boyfriend whose sole intent is to use Anne to heal his dying girlfriend... Even if it kills Anne in the process.
Great storyline and premise, however it faltered in a couple of places. One major sticking point is that this is supposed to be a paranormal romance. Yet although it's a great story, the romance aspect is rushed and almost non-existent. You get glimpses of it here and there, but no real relationship development between the H/H. You also get a brief glimpse of some really interesting characters with unique supernatural powers. Unfortunately, you're left wanting to know more about them since, as secondary characters, they only pop up here and again throughout the story. Personally I was hoping for more involvement from these other characters.
I absolutely loved Anne! Life threw her a curve ball in the form of a family she never knew existed, powers beyond any she could ever imagine, a world filled with other worldly creatures she never knew existed outside fairy tales and an unnatural attraction to a man she's not sure she even likes. And through is all she refuses to let any of it make her feel helpless. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. Even if she ends up with one really ticked off vampire.
Once I started reading this I found it hard to put down until I was done with it.
Hard to decide who I'd recommend it to. This story has just enough suspense to appeal to fans of mystery/suspense. However if you're genre of choice is romance, you'll find it a little lacking in that direction. Still an enjoyable read! So my recommendation would be to pick it up and give it a try. You won't regret it.

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