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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Heritage **Johnny Ray**

Publication Date: October 21, 2011
Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Contemporary Romance
Series: N/A
List Price:  $3.49
Sensuality: PG
Stars: 4/5


New York City socialite Kristina Sutherland, the daughter of legendary Lawson Sutherland, a top executive with Lyon International discovers she’s pregnant, but doesn’t remember having sex for a long time. While contemplating an abortion she bumps into and confides in Shawn Davis, the head of security at Lyon International and asks him to take her to an abortion clinic out of the city for consultation, making him promise to keep any details in confidence. While she realizes she needs him as a bodyguard to keep the press away and guard her privacy she also knows he has a loyalty conflict due to his position in the corporation. Shawn provides security to the company elite and their families. Desperate, she knows no one else to turn to that she trusts.
Shawn is the secret grandson of Brent Lyon, the chairman of the board of Lyon International. After Brent asks Shawn to come to his office they talk about their past and how Brent regrets his earlier decisions. Brent had disowned his daughter, Shawn’s mother when she ran off with a want-to-be rock star. She had raised Shawn on her own until she died a few years earlier. Brent had invited Shawn back into his life only after her death, and only to a small degree, which had to remain a secret to avoid scandals which could ruin the corporation.

My Opinion:

As we all know, those first few pages of a book determine whether we, as readers, continue reading or set it down and moving on to a more gripping novel. I can happily say that Mr. Ray did an exceptional job of capturing the reader’s attention and holding it throughout the book. I was hooked from the moment I read the first paragraph.

As a child of my generation, I can say I spent way too many hours watching Law & Order, CSI and any number of other crime shows on TV. We all know how it goes… crime happens, victim reports it, then detectives spend the better part of an hour trying to solve the mystery of “whodunit”, when in reality we sit on our couches at home and can guess with a 98% chance of accuracy who the culprit was after the first 5 minutes. The same goes for most book. I can enthusiastically say that this was not the case in The Heritage! I thought I had it figured out more than once only to have a stumbling block placed before me on the next chapter. I just kept going, so engrossed in the story and the romance that was slowly developing before our eyes. It was almost as if I couldn’t help myself. I just had to see what happened next.

For those who would notice things such as grammar and typos (and let’s face it, even spell check gets things wrong when it auto-corrects so we can’t hold the author accountable for all of them), I did spot a few typos and grammatical errors through out the book. The most glaringly obvious one being the comment “being raped can be a terrific thing for a person to go through” when I’m sure the author meant to say that it was a terrible thing for a person to go through or maybe even horrific. I mean who honestly believes rape is a terrific experience? These instances, however, were so far and few in between that they did nothing to lessen my enjoyment of reading The Heritage. I greatly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more by this author.


If you enjoy reading mystery or suspense but dislike being able to guess the ending before you’re ¼ through the book… you will love The Heritage. For those not into reading romance… that’s okay, the small amount of romance involved is short and sweet. This book is more about the mystery of who raped Kristina  and is now trying to force her into getting rid of the evidence.


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