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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lady Anne and the Revenge of the Barbary Ghost **Donna Lea Simpson**

Publication Date: January, 12, 2012
Genre: Historical/Mystery
Series: A Lady Anne Mystery
List Price: $3.49
Sensuality: PG-13
Stars: 4/5


Fleeing the attentions of the handsome and commanding Marquess of Darkefell, Lady Anne Addison arrives on the doorstep of her dear friend. Seeking nothing but rest and relaxation, she soon finds herself putting her investigative talents to work after a sighting of the Barbary Ghost. Always a skeptic of the supernatural, Anne immediately suspects the apparition is nothing more than a diversionary tactic to conceal smugglers on the beach below her friend’s house.

When the infuriating – though enticing - marquess follows her to Cornwall, Anne is distracted from her ghost hunt by his alluring kisses, until murder gets her attention. Forced once again to work with the marquess to uncover the truth behind a mystery, she soon discovers that her passionate attraction to him has not abated. Should she run from him again, or give in to temptation? 

My Opinion:

 Lady Anne and the Barbary Ghost is a definite recommendation for me. In the first book, Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark, I was a bit disappointed because the book felt unresolved. Now with a continuation of the first book, I am satisfied to see their relationship play out.
Personally, I love Tony, the Marquess of Darkefell. He's dark, sensitive, powerful and sweet to Anne, but Anne at times played on my nerves. She's witty, intelligent, and loves adventure, but very independent and believes that she doesn't want to marry, especially Darkefell. He tries to convince Anne that he loves her and that they should marry throughout the whole novel, but Anne feels that her independence will end once she marries, and that her life will forever be controlled by this man. For me, I felt a lot for Darkefell because he would proclaim his love to Anne, and he only wanted to keep her safe from harm, but she was convinced that he was only trying to entrap her into a life where she had no freedoms and would be unhappy.
Previously in Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark, Lady Anne Addison had visited her friend, Lydia, after realizing her friend needed her help. They were in danger, for a crazy murderer was roaming around Darkefell castle and Anne set out to help her. On her journey to Lydia, Anne encounters a murdered woman and wants to discover the murderer and the strange howls she hears in the woods. Tony, the Marquess of Darkefell, is Lydia’s brother-in-law and finds himself intrigued by this adventurous spinster known as Anne. Anne became caught up in a mess on Darkefell’s estate where she was nearly killed by a lunatic named Hiram Grover, but Darkefell was there to save her life just in time. When Darkefell made the spur-of-the-moment proposal to Anne, she panicked and left, leaving him confused on her whereabouts and why she denied him.
In Lady Anne and the Revenge of the Barbary Ghost, Anne now feels the need to get away and think her life through, so she decides to stay with Lady Pamela and Marcus St. James in Cornwall. One night while sneaking out on the cliff by the St. James’ home, Anne saw a vast amount of smugglers below on the beach performing their tasks. She was intrigued, and frightened, but was interested in the adventure lurking below. At that moment, she saw the famous “Barbary Ghost” trying to scare away the smugglers. Anne quickly ran back to Cliff House and told Pamela of her findings. Supposedly, long ago there was a pirate who kidnapped a young girl with whom he fell in love with, but had to return her to Cliff House to her family where she later died. He was angry, and now there is the tale of the Barbary Ghost taking revenge for his love. Later throughout the novel, we find out that the Barbary Ghost is really just a myth, but the man portraying as the ghost is trying to protect his loved ones from the smugglers.
As Anne tries to solve the identities behind the Barbary Ghost and the smugglers, Darkefell walks back into her life. He spoke with her mother and grandmother and they believe he will propose to Anne. Anne’s family highly supports the marquess's interest to marry Anne, although he hadn't asked them directly for her hand.
When Darkefell follows Lady Anne to Cornwall, she confides in him all the illegal activities at Cliff House and of the Barbary Ghost. He doesn't fully believe in the ghost, but he is concerned for her safety and decides to try to protect Anne by revealing the criminals and whatever man is behind the “Barbary Ghost”.
Soon, Darkefell realizes that Marcus St. James is interested in marry Anne, but when Marcus rudely speaks of her as plain and unwanted, Darkefell strikes him causing a scene. Anne first believes Darkefell is at fault, but later understands that he was sticking up for her and defending her honor. But when murder strikes Cornwall, and everyone is eying each other as a suspect, secrets are revealed leading to murderers, criminals, and love. Anne wants to confide all the illegal activity she knows of by Cliff House, but she had made promises to dear people in her life, and feels pulled on whether she should tell him everything and break a promise, or put lives in danger and keep the truth from Darkefell.
I really enjoyed this novel, for when two different characters come together, they will make the most interesting novel! Will Lady Anne discover the murderer and find a way to stop the smuggling that involves her loved ones? Will she realize her true love for the marquess, or runaway again? Who is guilty, and who will is innocent when it comes to love and crime? Read Lady Anne and the Barbary Ghost to find out!

***This novel continues with The Curse of the Gypsy: A Lady Anne Mystery. I recommend reading these first two Lady Anne books before reading The Curse of the Gypsy: A Lady Anne Mystery. All three books are continuations of each other, so you might be a bit left out on important events involving the development of the hero and heroine.***

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