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Monday, April 2, 2012

A Troubled Range **Andrew Grey**

Publication Date: March 24, 2011
Genre: Western/Contemporary/Gay and Lesbian
Series: Stories of the Range
List Price: $5.38
Sensuality Rating: NC-17
Stars: 5/5

The neighboring Holden and Jessup ranches are anything but neighborly—Jefferson Holden and Kent Jessup loathe each other. But despite his father’s long-held grudge, Haven Jessup just can’t bring himself to hate, especially after Dakota Holden takes him in during a violent storm and Haven meets Dakota’s friend, Phillip Reardon.

Phillip accepts Haven for who he is, seeing through the mask Haven uses to hide his attraction to men, but their tentative and secret relationship will be under a huge amount of stress. Sabotaged fences, injured animals, unsavory plans, and Jessup family secrets will threaten Haven’s newfound happiness and his hopes of a future with Phillip.

My Opinion:

I adore the characters in this series. I found them to be real, somewhat quirky, and downright sexy. I'm sad now that I have finally finished the series (I read them out of order, this is not the last book). I guess I'll just have to reread to get my hot cowboy fix.

I have to gush over Haven's adorableness. He's shy and timid (which does not fit with his sexiness, but it works for him). He doesn't see his attractiveness, and that makes him ever so cute. He's a character you really just want to give a big, fat, hug not matter his orientation.

Phillip really surprised me. I don't know if it was his affair with Dakota (with his alpha male personality), but I never figured him for the dominant person in a relationship, but that's how it went down with him and Haven. I loved how we took the time to play out Haven's fantasies. He's caring and considerate; who doesn't want that in a man? I find Sexual Phillip weird (the whole leather fetish) , but oh so delicious.

Now I'm left with the agonizing question: why are all the good guys either taken or gay? I mean, that's good for Haven, but not for me. Sigh.

This book was fabulous! Cannot say how great Mr. Grey is at writing a romance.


If you like your men hot, your romance sweet, and your sex dirty, check out A Troubled Range by Andrew Gray. You will not be disappointed.



  1. I loved this series and Andrew Grey told me there are two more books in the works too, I will admit to doing a happy dance at that piece of news :)

  2. AWESOME! In the series? I will have to get my hands on them!


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