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Thursday, April 5, 2012

No Matter What **Michelle Betham**

Publication Date:  March 28, 2011
Genre: Contemporary/Chick-Lit
Series: N/A
List Price:  Free
Sensuality: PG
Stars: 4/5


India Steven is an ordinary English girl from an ordinary English city, until a chance meeting with major movie star Reece Brogan catapults her into a 
new and extraordinary life that takes her from the streets of North East England to the glamor filled world of Hollywood.

From legal secretary to movie star almost overnight, she's living the dream. In a relationship with her drop-dead gorgeous, and incredibly sexy, co-star Kenny Ross, a house on the beach, and more money than she could ever imagine, it seems as though nothing can spoil her wonderful, new, glamorous life.    

But hidden secrets, bitter jealousy, and a dangerous obsession are set to turn her incredible new life upside down, in ways she can't even begin to imagine...

My Opinion:

Ms. Betham gave us a good solid read with strong characters. Often, when you have a story with so many primary characters, their personalities and the story itself starts to blur. This did not happen here. Every characters was distinct and had strong personalities of their own. I, however, found it difficult to like our heroine (and I use that term very lightly!). India Stevens, how I dislike thee… let me count the ways! India starts off as a very good character. She’s a hard working young woman who, during a corporate fundraiser, finds herself discovered by one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. In no time at all she is carted off to Hollywood and starring opposite the hottest star in the country in his latest movie role and she, herself, all of a sudden becomes the latest “IT” girl to hit the big screen. Sounds like the stuff fairy tales are made of, right?  If the story ended there it would have been. Instead we are forced to endure as India turns into a selfish, self-centered celebrity.  No longer is she the sweet English girl whose sweet smile stopped Hollywood's hottest star in his tracks. She jumps from one relationship to the next with nary a pause in between, using men and sex as a way of dealing with anything she finds too much to handle, leaving a string of broken hearts in her wake.

What I don’t understand is what it was about her that made these men fall so deeply under her spell that they actually put up with her. First there’s Kenny… yes, he cheated… technically. All he really did was kiss someone else. Does India stick around and try to fix the problem? No. Instead she runs… and on to the next man. But she still “needs” Kenny in her life. So he has to get over the fact that he still loves her and just be her best friend, watching her move on with other men.  Then there’s Michael. Supposedly the love of her life. She’s never loved anyone like she loves him. This, however, does not stop her from cheating on him... Repeatedly. But God forbid he do the same just once. This is a capital offense and just cause for her to end their relationship. Gee… double standard much? Let’s not forget JJ! Barely a couple of weeks and she’s cheating on him too! And through all this, Kenny is still in the picture, still hopelessly in love with her, but resigned to the best friend role where she tells him in great detail how in love she is every time she’s got a new man in her life and how she's never felt like this about ANY other man before. Why don't you twist the knife while you have in in there, India, it might hurt less.

And we’re supposed to root for her? Cheer her on? Sorry. Can’t. Instead I found myself disliking her more and more with every page I turned, hoping all these guys would snap out of whatever spell they’re under and come to the conclusion that anyone is better than India.

Why 4 stars if I disliked the main character so much? Simple. The story has a great premise. It was well written and keeps you turning the page, even if it is in hopes that India finally gets hers. The male characters do tug at your heartstrings. And you do root for each and every one of them and hope they each get their own happy ending. Once you start reading you find it very hard to put down. Personally, I started reading and finished the entire story in a day, not realizing that I had sat reading for so long. It was that engrossing. That to me makes for a highly recommended book. Because just like in life, you’re not always going to like the outcome. You’re not always going to agree with the things a person does or how they handle a situation. And the best person does not always win in the end. The least you can ask for is a few hours of escape. The most is that the book makes you feel strongly, one way or another. And this will most definitely make you feel strongly about each and every character. Well done, Ms. Betham!

Fans of Chick Lit would enjoy reading this.


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