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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pirate's Proposal **Diana Layne**

Publication Date: January 17, 2012
Genre: Historical/Adventure/Suspense/Novella
Series: Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll
List Price: $2.25
Sensuality: G
Stars: 4.5/5


Gina Santini is delighted to leave the fancy London finishing school she despises and take over the family business in the Caribbean when her father becomes too ill to continue. As captain of the pirate ship Gypsy Doll she plunders the seas to support them both.

Charles "the Charmer" was first mate on the Gypsy Doll before he was shanghaied and enslaved to a brutal master. On his escape, he swears revenge and uses his charm to convince Gina to help him win the biggest prize of all, one with enough gold to allow them to give up pirating forever.

But betrayal swirls in the air as surely as a stormy sea, and the curse of the gypsy doll makes betrayal more than dangerous...

My Opinion:

There's not much I can write about when reviewing a novella, but I absolutely can tell you how much I enjoyed delving into a world full of sexy pirate's, action-packed adventure, and delicious romance. If you aren't sold yet, keep reading...

Readers (or just me) are instantaneously addicted to all the goings on happening in Pirate's Proposal, because Ms. Layne is a fantastic writer! I usually don't enjoy such a short read, because I feel like I haven't gotten to know the characters well enough, but this is not the case! This novel took me on a grand adventure of blue waters and yummy men, and I'm telling you, if Charles and Gina don't work out, I call dibs!

The Gypsy Doll is something new and exciting--I've not read anything like it. There's nothing I enjoy more than mystique and magic (well, maybe hottie pirates, but that's besides the point); this novella did not disappoint!


If you enjoy pirate's as hot as Jack Sparrow (swoon), adventure as fun as Indiana Jones, and romance as yummy as Romeo and Juliet (without the sad ending) please pick up this book on Amazon! You won't regret it!


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